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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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What is CasinoCoin? CasinoCoin is a digital currency, designed specifically for the regulated Operators who integrate CasinoCoin into their gaming platform will online gaming industry. Utilising the latest in blockchain technology, gain access to a simplified user onboarding process, a new incremental CasinoCoin can facilitate up 1,000 peer-to-peer transfers per second, with revenue stream, and reduced fees associated with cross-border near-instant confirmation. transactions. Built with users, gaming operators and regulators in mind, the CasinoCoin The nature of blockchain technology means that regulators will benefit Bankroll Manager application features built in KYC capabilities, responsible from the most secure and transparent funding system available today. gaming options, and provides an unparalleled user experience never seen A near-perfect anti-money laundering (AML) environment has been before in the online gambling space. developed, utilising the latest KYC technology coupled with a new, proprietary AML tracking tool; the most advanced and thorough in the Users will benefit from a simplified registration process that, once industry. completed, provides a seamless, secure and trustless online gaming experience. All at a tiny fraction of the current cost and time. 1

Why CasinoCoin? CasinoCoin was conceived and built with the online casino CasinoCoin industry was in mind conceived and built with the online casino industry in mind Built For Gambling For Users For Operators For Regulators CasinoCoin is built with the CasinoCoin gives the user CasinoCoin gives operators access Well over a million lines of regulated gambling business in unprecedented speed, security, and to a largely untapped source of code went into the CasinoCoin mind, with tools like KYC (Know control over their gambling habits. players, who have been fully vetted Blockchain and wallet - a modified Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Transaction costs are a fraction of with clear KYC the instant they version of Ripple, the functional Laundering) and responsible typical costs today. arrive. Incremental revenue with crypto of choice for the banking gaming features built in at the full visibility and security before a industry. Proprietary tools allow wallet level. single bet is placed. regulators visibility into coin flow in a way never before possible with easy to use tools for non-crypto users. 2

How it works 2 5 3 1 4 6 User is KYC’ed by licensed, regulated KYC partner User plays User deposits CSC User installs into BRM wallet CasinoCoin from exchange or User deposits CSC At conclusion of gaming BRM wallet basic wallet into operator wallet; session, user withdraws KYC transmitted CSC back into BRM wallet 3

A mix of deep online gaming experience The Foundation Board of Trustees and technical expertise Many cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum have their own non- profit foundations, and CasinoCoin is no different. The CasinoCoin John Caldwell Anthony Page Andre Jochems Duncan Cameron Matthew Spada Foundation provides marketing, Director of Advocacy Fiduciary Director Lead Developer Technical Director Technical Advisor promotion, technical innovation and governance for CasinoCoin, as well Board of Advisors as providing educational resources to the gambling business to further knowledge of crypto in general. The trustees represent years of experience in both gambling and Britt Boeskov Lee Fenton Jeffrey Haas Sam Hobcraft crypto and the advisory board is Chief Programme Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief International Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Kindred Group Gamesys DraftKings OPL Gaming Group filled with C-level executives from some of the most established companies in gambling. David Sargeant James Scicluna Morten Tonnesen Luke Webster Founder, Co-Founder & Partner, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, iGaming Ideas WH Partners Ve Global Knox Private Office 4

Ripple Technology Ripple vs Bitcoin vs Ethereum The Ripple protocol offers unparalleled transaction speed and cost in the crypto space. The two largest and most well known digital currencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, yet Ripple arguably features better technology and is perfectly suited for the real money online gambling industry. Ripple Bitcoin Ethereum Transactions per second 1,000 7 20 Average confirmation time 3-5 seconds Up to 5 hours 15 seconds Ripple is a crypto protocol specially built for banks and to satisfy Average fee per transaction Less than $0.01 $18.01 $0.776 financial regulators. There are already over 100 banks and other Chargebacks? No No No financial institutions using or integrating Ripple into their processes and plans. NOTE Recent (Nov 2017) additions to the list of Ripple adopters include Although CasinoCoin uses the Ripple code, it operates on its own separate Santander and American Express. blockchain. This means CSC will never be susceptible to network outages that are common on Ethereum due to the amount of applications built on top of the protocol, and that all share the same infrastructure. 5

Why CasinoCoin chose Ripple What they said about Ripple Joining the Ripple network is in line with not only our Blockchain strategy, but it also allows us to expand our remittance footprint. This will help us scale our business and provide our customers with a first-class digital payments experience. Peter England, RAKBANK CEO Ripple’s technology provides CasinoCoin with a clear path to eventually be incorporated with banks, and allows CSC to use many of the key features it has to offer, without being beholden to it’s Using APIs and distributed ledger technology, there is an opportunity developers and protocol. to radically change the way international payments are handled. We are excited with the potential the technology has to bring innovative The CSC blockchain and wallet hit one million lines of code in services to the market and help us enhance value to our customers. November of 2017 and continues to grow. Himadri Chatterjee, Axis Bank President of Transaction Banking 6

CasinoCoin Advantages For Users You only have to complete KYC once. Your KYC The responsible gaming verification is then stored Very low fees. Fees are Lightning fast transactions. options built into the on the blockchain. Open typically one tenth of current Average speed of 3-5 Bankroll Manager wallet accounts at different fee structure. More of your seconds from click to cash. allow you to monitor, track operators and deposit, play money actually goes to play. and control your play. and withdraw near instantly per operator policies. 7

CasinoCoin Advantages For Operators As with users, low Near instant deposits Responsible users who fees will also greatly Access to a pool of from users who hit your have the ability to benefit operators. users that want to fund site with preverified No control and monitor The current cost of in crypto and represent KYC, and complete Chargebacks. their play and spend via a CSC transaction is an incremental revenue visibility into flow of the Bankroll Manager 0.001 CSC regardless of source. funds. suite of tools. transfer amount - less than $0.01! 8

CasinoCoin Advantages For Regulators Features like full KYC, geolocation, ‘CSC Tracker’ technology allows The most tight and transparent funding system that exists and full transparency into all non-tech-savvy people to easily today. It will give regulators confidence that every step transactions on the blockchain investigate coin movements and possible (including some never before possible) has been create a near perfect AML see flow of funds in a simple way. taken to ensure the most secure regulated environment for environment. gambling. 9

Bankroll Manager (BRM) BRM FEATURES FOR CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager OPERATORS AND REGULATORS: Responsible Overview Send Receive Contacts Operators KYC Get CSC Info Gaming � Full KYC by licensed KYC partner Jumio. � Geolocation, and ‘CSC Tracker’ Alert AML technology. � Responsible gambling features allow the user to set aggregate ! deposit limits on a daily, weekly You can deposit again at 3:30pm or monthly basis - or by gaming segment (betting, casino, poker, etc). These features will be prominently displayed in the BRM. Users can even set the BRM to stop the spend at a certain point. Status: up to date 10

API FOUNDATION Player KYC Submit DATABASE Marketing Data Push BRM Deposit Withdraw CASINO 11

KYC Data Flow KYC data KYC data request request Push Push KYC data KYC data CASINO Push BRM Pull 12

Player Protection Features: Responsible Gaming CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager REGULATORS CAN REST SECURELY IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT CSC TECHNOLOGY Overview Send Receive Contacts Operators KYC Responsible Get CSC Info Gaming IS ON PAR WITH THE BEST BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY THAT BANKS ARE EMPLOYING - CREATING THE MOST TRUSTED Alert CRYPTO ENVIRONMENT POSSIBLE. Things like features including spend limits based on ! You can deposit again at 3:30pm time or provider, self-exclusion and ‘cool off’ periods for the player, but also things like customizable ‘Red Flag’ tags that can be activated by either operators or regulators and send notifications under a specific set of circumstances either back to the operator, or even to the regulator or affiliated ‘watchdog’ agency. Status: up to date 13