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Monday, June 18, 2018
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The World’s first Public Chain for Decentralized NaaS (Network-as-a-Service)

Disclaimer Presentation and the information contained herein is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information and/or documents contained in this presentation do not constitute investment advice. Accordingly, any decision in connection with funds, instruments or transactions described or mentioned herein must be made solely on the information contained in a prospectus and no reliance is to be placed on any other representations.

What is Net-as-a-Service: when network infrastructure becomes on-demand service

2.3 billion people … can’t live without internet

Whenever, wherever We are covered by Network Services

What's the Problem with current Mobile Network Operation? Problem of Privacy Problem Problem and Network Restrictions of Payment of Trust When I use WiFi Paying for WiFi How to make sure I want it to be private and secure or other mobile services is: I can trust a WiFi on the go? • Is public WiFi secure? • Overpriced • Are reviews real and trustworthy? • Is WiFi in hotels secure? • Complicated • Am I sure a reviewer has actually used the reviewed service? • Can I operate transactions in full • Limited security & privacy? I can’t just pay a reasonable • I don’t have an audit trail. amount, just when I need it and • Can I escape a restrictive Network only for the data and time I used it. • Reviews don’t contain information at Work or School? to prove a review is real and to trust.

The Solution: Decentralized Network Services!

The Future is… Decentralized Network

Why decentralized network service is significant as a part of decentralized infrastructure?

Current vs Distributed Internet protocol Upon the wave of decentralization, new protocol will be introduced Layer of Internet Current Internet Protocol The Future… Distributed Internet Protocol Content/Application HTTP, SMTP, DNS Hash ID resolution, IPFS Computing TCP Decentralized computing Ethereum, EOS Network Linux OS Decentralized NaaS

The Infrastructure of Decentralization Network Decentralized Decentralized + Blockchain Computing Content Service = Decentralized Network QLC Chain

How does QLC Chain implement this idea?

QLC Chain Architecture

Smart Dual Blockchain Contract Consensus Block QLC Smart Shannon Consensus Lattice Contract + dPoS

How does it work? 1. To register network related devices, QLC Chain will turn them into four types of basic nodes of network. 2. Each node can provide service to others. 3. QLC Chain applies Block Lattice, multiple account system. Each node will have its own blockchain to record services provided to any user. Each time service is provided, for example Wi-Fi access, VPN access, data transmission, it’s a transaction. 4. Smart Contract will govern the execution among different nodes. 5. Dual consensus – dPoS and Shannon Consensus

API and SDK for Developers Some concepts to illustrate the possibilities • P2P account sharing protocol share login & password through P2P network without disclosing any details • Decentralized name resolution protocol every QLC Chain node contributes its capability to translate names (domain names, hash names or other self-defined names) into P2P identification • Trusted billing protocol nodes verify the actual result of information • Proof of Retrievability destination nodes and only destination nodes store content index dictionary

The 1st dApp on Account Sharing Protocol WiFi Account Sharing Ready to download from Google Play

WiFi Sharing Process 2 WinQ broadcasts the WiFi info to users 5 WinQ dApp QLC is paid to the WiFi Sharer 4 WiFi Sharer 3 1 Access & Identity - Registers WiFi Network in the QLC Chain Public Chain User ecosystem - Configures the share - Connects to a shared WiFi and reward model for the - Agrees to the terms and conditions virtual asset QLC - Configuration and access information WiFi received via P2P Connection between WiFi and the User

The 2nd dApp on Account Sharing Protocol Decentralized VPN Ready to download from Google Play

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