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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Karma. Economy of Trust What happens if the loan is not paid back? Every loan is an agreement with legal force. Presale August 2017 p2p scoring and loans all over the world Automated claim filing, including class action suits. Collateral assets sale. Target: 0.5М USD reached. any assets, collateral and interest rates The network of insurance peers will provide insurance to cover the losses. What for: alpha version, empowering trust-based communities The network of local debt collectors will collect debts from the borrower. team empowering, Mutual responsibility: in case of a default, all deal members’ reputation suffers. legal construction, PR&Marketing, What opportunities we are creating? p2p-system members take care of their reputation. token sale preparation. Investors from countries with low interest rates (Japan, US, Switzerland) Inner Mutual Aid Foundation. Weekly reports: can invest in countries with 20-30% interest rate or almost blocked access medium.com/@karma.project to loans, where 60% of the world population live. What the token holders will get? Borrowers (SMEs owners) will get access to loans. The holders of more than 100 000 tokens will get: Token Sale — Access to the dark pool: possibility to access new investment November 2017 In future: lowering loan interest rates, and loan applications a few days in advance. Target: 10M USD (2.7M USD creating a p2p-economy with minimum transaction fees. — Up to 50% discount on transactions inside the platform. whitelisted in first week) Top 15 token holders have voting rights on the delegates board. For project development, Market volume: 2.6 trillions of USD increasing loans volume, (World Bank, SMEs credit lack worldwide). Token economy: demand and price growth reaching self-sufficiency. Growing demand: system members get the commission only in tokens, 15-50% discounts Project milestones automatic currency to token conversion via exchanges API. for token buyers from 0.2M USD. 1. Working p2p-fund for SME loans, 5M USD portfolio from scratch in 3 years. The total volume of commissions is ≈5% of transaction volume. 2. November 2017. Blockchain App Alpha-version. Transactions volume plan by 2020: 1 bln. USD per year. The Team 3. Q1.2018. Cross-border fiat and crypto p2p-loans and scoring. Token demand 50M USD per year (fundamental, without news and hype). George Goognin 4. Q2.2018. Loans for the future delivery of goods or services. 15 years in fintech. 10 years in startups. Token emission is strictly limited. 5. Q3.2018. Inner non-fiat currency loans and deposits. MOEX, VTB, Samsung, LEGO, Nike. Tokens are traded at the Open Ledger exchange after the token sale. Vice chairman at the Blockchain Experts Key advantages Additional listing planned at the worlds’ top-20 exchanges: Binance, Bittrex. Chamber at Russian Parliament. p2p-ecosystem, every participant can take any role: investor, borrower, seller, Exit points Artem Laptev guarantor, scoring, insurer, debt collector, portfolio fund manager. 15 years in finance management. Participants’ contribution is rewarded with both money bonus and social Additional emissions after the KPI reached on loans volume and token price: Founder of a p2p private foundation reputation increase. after 1 year — 10M USD, at 0.02 USD per token, for SMEs worth 5M USD. after 1.5 years — 30M USD, at 0.06 USD, Cross-border international deals, different types of collateral assets (crypto, after 2 years — 60M USD, at 0.12 USD. Ronny Boesing real estate, goods), loans without collateral, API for connecting to banks, OpenLedger founder, CoinsBank, OBITS, scoring systems, insurance and real estate registers, courts of law. Economy of the project Apptrade. Tokensales managed at 100M+ USD in total. Users at the open market create an infinite number of social and economic Transactions commission. Non-profit ecosystem like Ethereum and Bitcoin: interaction types. the surplus is spent on project development, insurance foundation, buyback. Burn rate: 200k USD/mo, about 18M USD/mo loans volume is enough Partners for the operational self-sufficency. Legal 100% legal token sale: tokens can be bought even with USD, even by US and China citizens (qualified investors). Karma non-profit fund is incorporated in Netherlands. Legal partner: International Tax Associates Netherlands. karma.red