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Friday, June 15, 2018
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DATA Decentralized AI-Powered Trust Alliance Major Challenges in Online DATA Token (DTA) vs. Basic Attention Ads Industry Token (BAT) • Untraceable Ad Fraud DTA BAT • Overly Complex Middle Layers Type of Token Protocol Token Application Token • Monetization & User Experience Dilemma Area of Usage Whole Internet Within Brave browser Blockchain A standalone blockchain Ethereum ERC20 Token Technology DATA Blockchain based Oringal Source Distributed in a “mining” Advertisers buy the of Reward process token (Impractical) Online Data Authentication Protocol Reward Users’ reputation Simply by time • Reward for User Attention Determination modeling contribution • Proof of Attention Token Distribution Management Managed by the Centrally managed by • Non-Cooperative Incentives Modeling community Brave Company • P2P based Mobile Data Storage Protocol Efficiency Highly efficient Low efficiency due to • Device based P2P Reputation Management Ethereum’s limitation Protocol for Ad Fraud Prevention Ad Fraud Help prevent Ad fraud Subject to Ad fraud DATA Platform Architecture Overview User Nodes Fraud Prevention Micropayment Ad Exchange Others P2P based Upload evidence / Mobile SDK reputation Open-Source Yomob SDK / Other SDKs Storage Non-Cooperative Game Based Incentive Policy Reputation Modeling & Management Ad Issue Validation Flow Tokens Tendermint Consensus Engine State Channels Smart Contracts Issue Tokens Distributed Hash Table Erasure Coding Developer / DATA Publisher Nodes Peer Super Is devices Ad s ue nodes C Flow er SD tif K ic ate Advertiser / Blockchain Data Ad Network / Foundation P2P Based Mobile Storage DSP Illustration of the User Attention Reward Process DATA Platform Layers 3. SDK Layer 1. P2P based Mobile Storage Layer (M3) • Open-Sourced SDK protocol • Mobile devices and static super nodes form a • Non-Cooperative game based incentive modeling distributed hash table (DHT) • Reputation modeling and management protocol • User activity logs are encoded using Erasure Coding and distributed based on DHT 4. Application Layer • Ad/Data fraud detection 2. Consensus Layer (Blockchain) • Mobile micropayment • A fork of Ethereum on Tendermint • Decentralized Ad Exchange • State channels for micropayment • Proof of Attention (PoA) based reward distribution

DATA Decentralized AI-Powered Trust Alliance Yomob – Partner of Blockchain Data Foundation MaaS (Monetization as a Service) – a unified mobile ad monetization optimization platform with over 2,000 developers & severed over 1 billion end users worldwide. Website: Global Ad Network & DSPs Partners: 50+ Core Team U.S. & China Team, from Microsoft & Microsoft Research, Zynga, Oracle, MicroStrategy, Capital One, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vungle, Tencent, Alibaba, Snapchat and etc.